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Audio books Vs. The old fashioned books
Find out all about the difference between old fashioned books and audio books In the last two decades a new concept has arisen - The concept of listening to a book instead of reading it - Audio books. The audio book technology is still devel...Full Article
Quick Books and Finances
When starting a business one is bound to face a variety of difficulties. Sometimes it seems the problems of building a new entity are endless. You must find a source for financing. Somebody will have to cut through the red tape and deal with legal ...Full Article
5 effective ways how to make your books more valuable.
5 workable ways how to build your books more valuable.by Patric Chan ...Full Article

Never Pay Full Price For a Book!
Never Pay Full Price for a Book!Are you an avid reader? Are you trying to instill a love of reading in your children? My whole family loves to read! Right before bedtimeevery night, every one of us may be found with ournose in a book!It would be very...Full Article
How To Look For Baby Books
Look for Books! The books that you pick to read with your child is very important. If you arent sure of what books are right for your child, ask a librarian to help you choose titles. Introduce your child to books when she or he is a baby. Letherhim...Full Article
Visiting the Library
Libraries offer more than books. They are places of learningand discovery for every one . Ask at the library aboutgetting a library card in your childs name and, if you dontalready have one, get a card for yourself. The LibrarianIntroduce yourself a...Full Article

Buying books online - isn't Amazon the best value?
Everybody target successful worth when they buy books online - especially expensive ones. And every one knows that all the people like Amazon have transformed book buying to provide every one with better assessment of worth than bookshops a...Full Article
5 Steps in Publishing and Selling Your First E-book
What is an e-book?An e-book is simply a digital file that contains content that entertains,enlightens or inspires your reader.It may be 5 pages long or 2500 pages long. It could be a complete book thatuses all of the old fashioned elements of book ...Full Article
Will E Books ever really catch on?
Have you ever tried searching for nice e books to download and read on your PC? Anyone wanting to explore the e book world is in for a shock. Its an absolute nightmare. There are so many formats and layouts that will confuse all but the most experi...Full Article

Brief Experiences on How I Started Making Money Online
I started selling different products as a mail orderbusiness in 1996, however, a month later, after buyinga computer and discovering the Internet I decided toopen an online store. Very soon I found out thatselling books and knowledge online in genera...Full Article
Buying E-books On E-bay: E-bay The One-stop E-book Shop
On September 1995, one of the most prestigious online shopping sites was founded. eBay is unique because it allows online shoppers, either as individuals or as a group, a wide variety of merchandise that they can buy, sell or trade within their commu...Full Article
Favorite Hobbies: Reading
Reading is one of the most constructive hobbies a person might have. The difference between ignorance and understanding is only a book away. Reading stimulates your mind. It makes you think. You might learn to do many other hobbies by reading. It...Full Article
Start Choosing Your Own Baby Books
It is generally claimed that the act of lecture with your baby helps a lot in their own development, but what is the criteria which can decide what are the appropriate baby books? The purpose of this article is to suggest the main criteria for the ri...Full Article
Hints for Reading With Your Child
It is important for your child to overcome in education, that is why parents understand this list of helpful hints in teaching your child phonics and reading. If you need additional help in this area, Check Out Our Online Tutoring Program, for our ...Full Article
No Heaven for Harry
I was wondering where God is in the Harry Potter books. Do not get me wrong. Ive read them all and I plan on reading the next one when I can get my hands on it - all seven thousand pages, or whatever monster volume J.K. Rowlings comes out with, bec...Full Article




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